The forgiven path

Inspired by Slow Ways, The Forgiving Path is a series of three short stories about three people’s personal connections with walking, landscape and nature.
A Film by David Mathias

Jurassic Coast 2022

Wye Valley Festival 2022

Portishead to Clevedon coastal path 2021

Eastville park/Snuff Mills 2021

Kings Weston House 2021

In Quarantini Podcast 2021

We know many more people have made time in the last year to get out into the countryside, to walk more and notice nature that surrounds us. But how easy is it for people of colour to feel comfortable in the UK countryside? We hear from Sophie Brown and Ruth Pitter from Bristol Steppin Sistas,

At Black Seeds Network we champion enviromentalists of colour. During COP26 we asked inspriational Black and Asian women leaders what needs to be done to support their work on enviromentalism.

Waterfall walk in collaboration with wales outdoors 2022

Sophia has known Andy for a good few years, first meeting him on an Eight Waterfall walk he delivered way back when. And now Sophia has a walking group all of her own, The Steppin Sistas. A walking group for women and primarily for women of colour, The Steppin Sistas are Bristol based

Our first promotional video April 2021

Our walks are free, no monthly membership fees required
Come and join us.
We walk for health and wellbeing in rural areas and coastal areas
We created and encourage a positive space for women over the age of 18